Grand Bazaar Jewelers

 The History

The Grand Bazaar of Istanbul, Turkey has historically been a marketplace for multi-ethnic artisans and craftsmen to display their goods for sale to the world.  Since 1455, the jewelers of the Grand Bazaar have been recognized worldwide by those who seek a bit of everything in the jewelry they create – culture, ethnic design, and an array of colors and class. 

In the Grand Bazaar's heyday during the Ottoman Empire, historical figures such as sultans and nobility were gifted & draped in jewelry made by the bazaar's great jewelers which included Armenian, Greek, Assyrian, & Jewish Silver & Goldsmiths. 

Flashing forward to today, icons and leaders such as Princess Diana, Barack Obama, Bono, Angelina Jolie, Halle Berry, Madonna, and countless others have shopped in this now mythical bazaar. Of course, as it has grown in tourist popularity, the true quality of the jewelry has unfortunately been diluted and the craft has taken a backseat. 


The Company

GrandBazaarJewelers.com has a personal family history of at least 4 generations in the bazaar.  We pride ourselves on being a socially responsible company dedicated to keeping our craft alive. Melding 21st century technologies with ancient jewelry making techniques, our jewelry manufacturing platform meets & exceeds the stringent demands of the modern jewelry industry. 

GrandBazaarJewelers.com uses proprietary software to carefully manufacture, catalog, and display our jewelry online as soon as it is crafted. This gives our community a true live-view of the trending Turkish jewelry designs to come, well before any trade shows or fairs.  Hence, our jewelers can continue to focus on designing & manufacturing high quality, handmade jewelry. This streamlined production gives us a competitive edge unrivaled in the jewelry industry, resulting in true made to order jewelry arriving to your door within 2 weeks. 

With the great experience of our craftsmen and rich lineage of Master Jewelers spearheading the jewelry production, along with our diligent in-house tech team developing applications & modern technologies to bring our products to your fingertips  - we have carved a name for ourselves among history within the field of jewelry. 

Grand Bazaar Jewelers has 1000′s of handmade items in our shop everyday, whether you are a wholesale buyer or looking for one special piece. 

We specialize in custom design & private label jewelry; Do you have anything specific in mind? Commission a piece or collection of jewelry from Grand Bazaar Jewelers.  

“Masterpieces by Masters”